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Inverse limits, generalized wreath products and compatible groups

丁兆宸 Zhaochen Ding

University of Auckland

Time: 16:00-17:00 (GMT+8), Tuesday October 10th, 2023
Location: Zoom

Abstract: Two groups \(L_1\) and \(L_2\) are called compatible if there is a group \(G\) with two isomorphic normal subgroups \(N_1\) and \(N_2\) such that \(G/N_1\cong L_1\) and \(G/N_2\cong L_2\). In this talk, we will introduce two concepts, namely inverse limits (which is from category theory) and generalized wreath products, and see how these concepts apply on the compatibility.

Host: 谢贻林 Yilin Xie