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陈俊彦 Junyan Chen (SUSTech)
丁兆宸 Zhaochen Ding (University of Auckland)
黄弘毅 Hong Yi Huang (University of Bristol)
尹富纲 Fu-Gang Yin (Central South University)

Past seminars 2024

Weakly distance-regular digraphs with \(P\)-polynomial propertys
曾青 Qing Zeng (Beijing Normal University), June 17th
Some progress on locally-primitive generalized polygons
狄文帝 Wendi Di (SUSTech), June 5th
The base size of the symmetric group
Coen del Valle (University of St Andrews), May 22nd
Graph growth of permutation groups
Đorđe Mitrović (University of Auckland), May 8th
Unoriented Regular Cayley Maps of Elementary abelian \(p\)-groups
于浩 Hao Yu (Capital Normal University), April 24th
Finite linear groups with exactly three orbits
伊涵玥 Hanyue Yi (SUSTech), April 10th
The BCH Family of Storage Codes on Triangle-Free Graphs and Its Relation to \(R(3,t)\)
邓海华 Haihua Deng (SUSTech), March 27th
Vertex-primitive \(s\)-arc-transitive digraphs of almost simple groups
陈磊 Lei Chen (University of Western Australia), March 13th
Algebraic approaches to EKR properties of strongly regular graphs
Sergey Goryainov (Hebei Normal University), January 9th