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\(2\)-geodesic transitive graphs of order \(p^n\) with \(n\leqslant 3\)

黄俊杰 Junjie Huang

Beijing Jiaotong University

Time: 16:00-18:00 (GMT+8), Monday September 26th, 2022
Location: Tencent Meeting

Abstract: A vertex triple \((u,v,w)\) of a graph is called a \(2\)-geodesic if \(v\) is adjacent to both \(u\) and \(w\) and \(u\) is not adjacent to \(w\). An arc-transitive graph is said to be \(2\)-geodesic transitive if its automorphism group is transitive on the set of \(2\)-geodesics. In this talk we will introduce the classification of \(2\)-geodesic transitive graphs of order \(p^n\) for each prime \(p\) and \(n\leqslant 3\).

Host: 谢贻林 Yilin Xie