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Reflexible orientably-regular Cayley maps on nonabelian simple groups

李源东 Yuandong Li


Time: 16:00-18:00 (GMT+8), Tuesday May 17th, 2022
Location: Hybrid on Tencent Meeting and in 2-206 Lychee Park

Abstract: An orientably-regular Cayley map \(M\) is a \(2\)-cell embedding of a finite connected simple arc-transitive Cayley graph into an orientable closed surface which satisfies that the orientation-preserving automorphisms group \(\mathrm{Aut}^+(M)\) acts transitively on the arcs of \(M\). In particular, \(M\) is called reflexible if it admits an orientation-reversing automorphism. In this talk, we characterize the automorphism groups of reflexible orientably-regular Cayley maps on non-abelian simple groups.

Host: 谢贻林 Yilin Xie