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Edge-transitive maps on non-orientable surfaces

刘鲁一 Luyi Liu


Time: 16:00-18:00 (GMT+8), Tuesday June 14th, 2022
Location: Tencent Meeting

Abstract: A map is a \(2\)-cell embedding of a graph in a compact, connected surface. The automorphism groups of edge-transitive and locally finite maps are classified into 14 types by J.E. Graver and M.E. Watkins. Given an edge-transitive map, we restrict the Euler characteristic of this map to be coprime with the order of its automorphism group, then the supporting suface of the map has to be non-orientable. This talk presents some characterizations of edge-transitive maps under the above condition.

Host: 丁兆宸 Zhaochen Ding